Mugen MTC2 1/10 Electric Touring Car Kit (Carbon Chassis)

Codice: A2003-C



  • Center drive layout and motor position makes the MTC2 more stable and has a more balanced feeling on the track.
  • New rear differential without shims between 18T and diff case has smoother diff action and more consistent handling.
  • New lightweight front spool and center pulley assembly.
  • New inner drive ratio 1.9.


  • New extra long carbon lower arms with new pivot inserts to eliminate slop.
  • Lightweight lower shock and anti roll bar mount with adjustable ARB links.
  • Easy caster and camber adjustment on upper arms.
  • Low Center of Gravity shock mounting position.
  • New shock design provides maximum range of spring pre-tension adjustment and easy assembly.
  • New shock towers provide finer adjustment of shock position and offer the possibility to keep the front bulkhead unconnected.
  • Low Center of Gravity anti roll bar mounting position.
  • Adjustable body height stoppers mounted to the front uprights prevent the body from touching the tires when suspension is fully compressed.


  • New zero slop steering system.


  • New curved main chassis design provides a more consistent touching with the track surface.
  • Additional weight distribution hole provide easy adjustment not only for left to right balance, but also for front and rear weight distribution.
  • Multiple flex options.
  • 1pc. upper deck included and 2pc. upper deck available as an option.
  • Cooling fan mount included.
  • Aluminum or Carbon Fiber chassis material options for the MTC2 kit.

Battery mount:

  • New tapeless battery mount secures the battery and decreases the chance of chassis tweak for more consistent handling.

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